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Top 10 news stories for 2012 listed | Preston Citizen

Top 10 news stories for 2012 listed

December 25, 2012

Compiled by RODNEY D. BOAM

Citizen editor

The Citizen news staff reviewed last year’s issues for news and chose these stories for the Top 10 list for 2012.

1. Moosman comes home, July 16: 

Specialist Cody Otho Moosman came home to Preston. The Citizen reported the 24 year old was killed in action in Afghanistan on July 3 of injuries he suffered when his unit was attacked with small-arms fire. His parents are Dennis and Mareen Moosman.

Specialist Cody Otho Moosman came home to be laid to rest in Preston.

2. Valley Wide (Grain Growers) fire, March 14: 

A fire that destroyed a grain mill at Valley Wide Co-op (Franklin County Grain Growers) caused up to $5 million in damage. No exact cause has yet been determined.

3. Pot bust, Aug. 8: 

Area law enforcement officials, including some from Franklin County, helped dispose of tons of marijuana in one of the largest growing operations in Idaho.

The plantation-style operation had over 40,000 hybrid plants ready for harvest in less than a month with an estimated street value of $80.5 million, according to law enforcement officials.

It was located in Caribou County, near the Franklin County border. No arrests have been made.

4. Mountain lion, March 21: 

The Citizen reported a mountain lion was hit by a car on State Street in downtown Preston. The animal was later captured behind U and I Furniture and then darted by Preston Police officials. The animal was returned to the wild.

5. Todd Garbett made judge, Sept. 12. 

Todd Garbett, 43, Franklin County’s Prosecuting Attorney, was selected over 12 other qualified applicants for the Bear Lake County Magistrate Judge position. Garbett assumed his new duties in November.

6. Sparrow resigns, Dec. 19: 

Preston’s Police Chief Val Sparrow tendered his resignation to the city council, the Citizen reported. The resignation was effective immediately. Mayor F. Lee Hendrickson said Sparrow told him and the council that after 26 years in law enforcement it was time to try something different.

7. Boone Smith, Dec. 5: 

Boone Smith, a juvenile probation officer for Franklin County, went tripping to Afghanistan to capture an illusive Snow Leopard. National Geographic Society featured Smith in a documentary. The show aired Sunday, Dec. 9, on the National Geographic Wild Channel. The Snow Leopard capture kicked off the channel’s Third Annual Big Cat Week. They tout Big Cat Week as their most popular series.

8. Karen Hatch, Jan. 18: 

Deputy Karen Hatch was hired as the first woman patrol officer hired in Franklin County or Preston City.

9. Redistricting, Jan 15: 

The new Legislative District 32 added Oneida County to Franklin, Bear Lake, Caribou, a portion of Bonneville and Teton counties.

10. Beutler retires, Feb. 1: 

After 25 years as superintendent of the West Side School District, Melvin Beutler retired.

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