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Raising rabbits | Preston Citizen

Raising rabbits

December 20, 2012

Story and photos by RODNEY D. BOAM

In 1947, when he was only six years old, Lawrence Week’s father brought him home a rabbit. Weeks, now 71, still raises them and has turned raising rabbits into a way of life.

In high school the Fairview resident started judging rabbits and poultry in 1958 at fairs and other animal gatherings. Today, as part of the American Rabbit Breeder Association (ARBA), he has judged in every state in the country and some parts of Canada. He has been judging all of the critters since becoming a certified judge in 1975.

ARBA is an organization that promotes, develops and tries to improve the domestic rabbit industry. The organization boasts over 20,000 members throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

Lawrence has received numerous awards and honors over the years from the ARBA

Lawrence Weeks checks out one of the New Zealand rabbits he raises to sell to youngsters involved in 4-H.

The Fairview farmer raises rabbits to eat, sell to other breeders and for show stock. All of his animals are pedigreed so 4H kids can raise them for show. Rabbits are a good source of meat. The meat is lean and nutritious.

“Rabbit is the only meat that doesn’t have cholesterol,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence’s wife, Angie, said the old adage, “they taste just like chicken” is true. Young ones are best for frying, the older ones are best stewed or baked,” she said. “It’s all white meat,” Angie said.

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