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Property tax deadline Dec. 20 | Preston Citizen

Property tax deadline Dec. 20

December 15, 2012


Assistant editor

Property owners in Franklin County and across Idaho have until next Thursday to pay their first-half, 2012 property tax payments.

The deadline is Thursday, Dec. 20, at 5 p.m. The full property tax assessment bill has two deadlines for payments.

The first half is due on Dec. 20 every year. The second half is due by June 20, said Treasurer Jeanette McKay

She said some property owners in the county may see a slight increase in the amount of taxes owed, but it has nothing to do with the county.

McKay said residents may not realize they can make tax payments monthly or quarterly if they desire, just as long as the first-half installment is paid in full prior to the Dec. 20 deadline and the entire tax amount is taken care of prior to June 20.

Those who fail to meet the deadlines are subject to a two percent penalty for the entire taxable amount, beginning Dec. 21.

A 12 percent annual interest penalty is assessed on Jan. 1.

McKay emphasized the state’s property tax reduction program, formerly called the Circuit Breaker, is a method senior citizens (65 years old and older) and widows can utilize to get taxes reduced if they meet income and other guidelines.

“Residents can get a state application form from the assessor’s office,” McKay said. “The application period is from Jan. 2 through April 15 every year.

“This is a state program, totally. Local officials have no say in who qualifies.

“We do not have any input regarding the amount of taxes that may be reduced.”

McKay said residents need to be aware of another change being instituted by the county as a cost-savings.

“In the past, every May we have mailed out reminders about the June 20 deadline for tax payments.

“This year we will not be sending out these reminders. If anyone has any questions about this, they can contact my office.”

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