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Franklin Council hears protest | Preston Citizen

Franklin Council hears protest

December 12, 2012


Citizen staff writer

FRANKLIN – Resident Mark Dietrich strongly protested the decision to hire Jeremy Kimpton as the city administrator saying the decision was illegal and that no one else had been given an opportunity to apply for the position.

His comments were heard during a public hearing on a proposed budget amendment to pay a city administrator. Mayor Todd Hawkes stated the created position, which will pay an annual salary of $40,000, was given to Kimpton because he was very well qualified for the job and they had hired an in-house person.

Dietrich replied that Kimpton, who had stepped down as elected mayor, was in fact not an in-house person that he was an elected official and not a city employee.

“Our decision has been made,” said Hawkes. “If someone wants to be involved with what is going on in the city council they need to come to the meetings.” He went on to say that the hiring of an administrator had been discussed at several meetings and everything that had been said or decisions that have been made is on record.

“No one has had an opportunity to apply,” Dietrich said. “I want the decision to be tabled until I can check the record and consult an attorney.”

Hawkes replied that Dietrich was within his rights to hire an attorney, but council has approved the hire of Kimpton and the decision stands. Dietrich later said he plans to consult with an attorney and has the required 20 signatures on a petition that is needed for revoking the action taken by council.

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One Response to Franklin Council hears protest

  1. Brandon Lowe on December 14, 2012 at 7:03 am

    How unfortunate that some of Franklins elected officials do not look out for the best interest of the people! Good for you Mark Dietrich for protesting this issue. besides the illegal hiring of Kimpton, does Franklin really need an administrator? $40,000 is alot of money for a part time job. This is not the Franklin I grew up in as a kid. for a town this small it seems to me that we have way too much overhead and small time government control from a few idividuals that spend too much money. Neither Kimton or Hawkes were elected as Mayor, they stepped into the positon as councilmen……we’ll see what happens next time we get too vote!

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