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Mr. Stewart goes to Washington | Preston Citizen

Mr. Stewart goes to Washington

November 27, 2012

Long-time Weston resident soundly wins Utah federal seat 



Chris Stewart, longtime Weston resident who still has relatives there, soundly beat out his Democratic opponent for the Utah House District 2 seat in the general election earlier this month.

Stewart took about 62 percent of the vote versus Democrat Jay Seegmiller for the seat in a re-drawn district which now includes southern Davis County and other areas of the state. He lives in Farmington, which is at the far north end of the district.

“It was a bitter-sweet night,” Stewart said as results from the election became apparent. “I am honored to represent the people of this incredible district in Washington, D.C., but disappointed about Governor Romney’s loss. We stand at a critical point in our nation’s history, and now more than ever members of Congress need to work together for the good of the people.”

He said his top priority is tackling the federal deficit.

“We stand at the edge of a fiscal cliff. Of every dollar spent by the federal government about forty cents are borrowed,” Stewart said. “This clearly would not be economically sound for a household, and it is not economically sound for our nation. We have witnessed the downgrade of our credit rating, and if we do not control spending, we will witness further economic hardship.”

Stewart supports ratification of a balanced budget amendment and implementing real entitlement reform as part of his deficit-reduction plan.

Chris Stewart

Further, Stewart also supports reviving the economy by tax code reform and creating a business-friendly environment.

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