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Caution advised when filling portable fuel containers | Preston Citizen

Caution advised when filling portable fuel containers

September 21, 2012


Assistant editor

Franklin County Fire Marshal Scott Martin is advising residents to take caution when filling portable containers with any type of fuel, especially during the upcoming fall big game hunts.

He said convenience store owners and employees have recently asked for code interpretations of these practices due to increasing numbers of consumers filling anything from one gallon vegetable oil to 55 gallon drum containers.

Martin said portable fuel containers will not be allowed to be filled while located inside of a trunk, passenger compartment or truck bed of a vehicle.

“Static electricity can build during the fueling process and then discharge, creating an ignition source for fuel vapors. This is especially true with pickup trucks and plastic bed liners,” he said.

It is recommended to touch the side of a vehicle prior to and during fueling operations to safely discharge any static electricity. This is a problem especially during the fall hunting season.

Martin also said approved containers should be used which have a tight spring or screw closure and designed so the contents can be poured safely from it.

He said gasoline vapors are heavier than air and extremely volatile. “Gasoline should be stored away from all ignition sources including hot water tanks and heaters found in basements and garages to help avoid the possibility of house and structure fires,” he said.

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