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NOR is back | Preston Citizen

NOR is back

September 12, 2012

The News of Record is back!

About a year ago The Preston Citizen began expanding its online edition of the newspaper in an effort to modernize the news process and provide instant news and expanded photo galleries and videos. The newspaper industry is going in that direction and we wanted to offer that service to our readers.

Online journalism gives access to news and views of Preston to anyone in the world instantly. Because of space restrictions, the management decided to move the News of Record to our website.

We saw tremendous growth in our web traffic, but at the same time we began to hear from our readers without internet access that they missed seeing the News of Record in the printed edition. That was confirmed in a recent survey sent out to readers of our newspaper.

We listened to our readers and have returned this part of community news to the print edition, though it will still be available online at www.prestoncitizen.com

Local law enforcement agencies and courts have been very cooperative and helped The Citizen streamline the process. We receive weekly reports from Preston City Police and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and reports from local Magistrate Judge Eric Hunn as they are available.

We do not include the names of persons or addresses involved in any police action in the reports we publish from Preston City or Franklin County because, in some instances, charges are dismissed prior to coming before the courts.

We do list names and specific charges in the magistrate court report after actions have been ruled on by Judge Hunn.

We are pleased with the results and the cooperation of these agencies. We hope you will take time to find out what is going on our community by reading the News of Record in the print edition of The Preston Citizen.

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