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Aggressive mule deer buck killed | Preston Citizen

Aggressive mule deer buck killed

April 17, 2012

By Jennifer Jackson 

Idaho Fish and Game

On Saturday, April 7, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game dispatched a mule deer buck near Whitney.

The deer was suspected of being the buck that attacked Sue Panter of Whitney last September when she was out walking near her home.

Fish and Game received a report on that Saturday from David Priestley, of Franklin, who was hunting marmots with his 9-year-old son, Tate, and his 9-year-old nephew, Mason Priestley, about a half mile from the location of last fall’s attack.

At one point during their hike, David Priestley said he walked ahead of the boys a short distance when a mule deer buck jumped up about 30 yards away and started to run towards him.

The deer circled to the man’s right, but still kept running toward

him. Priestley threw a rock at the deer when it got within 10 yards, hitting it on the side. The deer hopped approximately 15 yards away, where it stopped to rake its head on some sagebrush.

Then the buck turned back toward Priestley, getting within six to eight feet before it stopped. The buck stomped once, and then began raking its head in the brush again.

“At that point, I used my cell phone to call Officer Korey Owens with Fish and Game,” said Priestley.

“When he asked me where the deer was, I told him standing eight feet in front of me.'”

Priestley said while they waited for Owens to get to the site, the deer began circling Priestley and the boys at a 15-yard radius.

Priestley said, “The deer would circle one way, stop to rub its head, and circle around us in the other direction. Then it finally lied down under a bush 10 yards from us.”

When Officer Owens arrived, the deer remained in its position even as he approached. Owens said the behavior, location, size and apparent age of the buck were consistent with the deer that had attacked Sue Panter last fall, and because of concerns for the deer and public safety, the animal was humanely dispatched.

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