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More courtesy needed at intersection | Preston Citizen

More courtesy needed at intersection

March 7, 2012


Citizen editor

The five-point intersection at Highway 91 and 1st East in Preston is becoming increasing dangerous as the traffic increases. During peak traffic flow entering the intersection from a side street has become a concern for citizens.

Janet and Craig Harris, who live near the intersection, have been worried that the five street intersection by Edwards Floral is prime for disaster.

“It can be a nightmare at about 4 p.m. It’s an accident waiting to happen. Cars in darn near every road to 91 and with no indication of their direction. Even people coming up later than some of us, just raced on out. It’s crazy,” Janet said.

Chief Val D. Sparrow of Preston Police Department agreed the five-point intersection is a dangerous intersection that drivers need to be very cautious in.

Sparrow shares the same concerns about the intersection and advises drivers to be cautious and courteous when using the intersection.

“The rules of the road apply to this and every intersection. I realize this one is especially confusing due to the angle of the highway and streets entering,” he said.

First, it is important that the public be reminded that the Highway (thru traffic) has the right of way according to the Idaho state code. Also any vehicle approaching an intersection at the same time as another vehicle, the vehicle on the right has the right of way.

Also any vehicle turning left in an intersection is required to yield to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.

“Drivers need to always drive defensively and not aggressively,” the Chief said.

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