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Arrest/Battery | Preston Citizen


March 2, 2012

Assistant editor

An adult male was arrested on Wednesday evening in conjunction with an
aggravated battery that took place in Preston on Friday, Feb. 24.
Preston Police took Charles D. Hays, 23, into custody and charged him
with one count of aggravated battery, a felony. He is currently being
held at the Caribou County Jail on a $75,000 bond.
There have been two separate incidents involving assault in the Preston
area in recent weeks. They are unrelated and involved intoxicated groups
of males in separate altercations.
Preston Police Chief Val Sparrow said the first incident was reported on
Feb. 15 and involved several male subjects at the corner of 200 So. 100
The second incident occurred on Feb. 24 at approximately 100 So. 100
East, according to police reports.
Sparrow said no muggings were involved and there is absolutely no
indication of any type of gang activity.
“We want the public to know the streets of Preston are relatively safe
and there is no reason for alarm,” he said. “However, if anyone is aware
of suspicious activity, they should contact the police department at
Sparrow said his department is not releasing more information at this
time because of the active investigations.

Preston Citizen

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One Response to Arrest/Battery

  1. driver on March 3, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    I had a problem with two people that walked up on me at the park days before this attack . they walked up one foot from my truck and was conspiring agenst me I dug in my back pack and got my protection out and stepped out of my work truck and they took off not knowing what I put in my pocket this guy got attacked within sight of where I stop I feel they were waiting for me to come back to rob me and the store I deliver to . I had my hours changed for other reasons luck had it .I feel bad for the man who got hurt . The attackers had better stop while they are ahead . AND I WILL SAY IT NEVER STOP WATCHING WHO IS AROUND YOU ALWAYS BE AWARE OF EVERYTHING AT ALL TIMES . If I didnt see the two men at first they would have attacked me OR tryed to have but I seen them and got ready for them . be carefull preston people and watch everyone

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