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Check for bogus bills | Preston Citizen

Check for bogus bills

February 22, 2012


Assistant editor


Preston Police Chief Val Sparrow is warning area merchants and residents to be watching for counterfeit $20 bills that are circulating in the area.

“Within the last couple of days we’ve had at least one instance of a bogus $20 that was passed to an area merchant,” said Sparrow. “The individual who used the illicit $20 was unaware that it was phony and said it came from an ‘institution.’

“The merchant caught the bogus bill by using a counterfeit marking pen. They are available at Staples and at some local banks.”

Sparrow said a number of these bills are circulating in the Logan and Salt Lake City areas and they are all twenty dollar bills.

Banks and many merchants routinely check $100 and $50 bills with the pens that leave a black mark on the note if it is bad.

“Banks are now checking all their twenties and we are suggesting merchants do the same,” he said.

Sparrow said the “bad” money is slightly smaller and darker in color than a real twenty dollar bill and appears like it was made on a laser copier. He said the paper also feels different.

“We are asking folks to look at all larger denomination bills and check for the magnetic strip that comes on all legitimate currency. People can also check the size of the currency and the color,” he said.

If anything unusual is noticed, Sparrow said his office needs to be contacted at City Hall. The telephone number is 852-2433.

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