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December 21, 2011




We send our sympathies to the family of Herbert Williams of Dayton. He passed away recently and his funeral was held on Monday, Dec. 19. Brother Williams was such a wonderful man. He was nice to everyone and always had his sweet wife, Fae, at his side. Such an example of a sweet, loving couple. They have a large family, many of whom live in Franklin County.

Congratulations to Alyssa Povey and Caitlyn Beckstead, members of West Side’s state-winning volleyball team. Alyssa was named the “Player of the Year” and Caitlyn was named to the “1st Team” on the 2011 All-Valley Volleyball Team. That is quite an honor, girls!

The Harold B. Lee Camp of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers held their December camp meeting and Christmas party at the new home of Kristy Clawson on Monday, Dec. 12. A lesson titled “Christmas Stories and Museum Memories” was presented by Carol Mumford followed by a potluck luncheon. We played Christmas carols accompanied by bells and also had a fun gift exchange. Those ladies attending and enjoying the afternoon were Deonna Fuller, Gay Griffeth, Nola Garner, Edna Fuller, Dru Westover, Jennifer Housley, Lisa Sears, Carol Mumford, Kristy Clawson, Helena Page, Carol Beutler, LaVene Cox, Linda Matthews, and Carolyn Smart.

Ward members and friends of the Clifton 2nd Ward sure had a fun Christmas party on Tuesday, Dec. 13. We ate a delicious ham, salad, and potato dinner. Following the meal, a video was presented starring our darling Primary children telling the story of the birth of Jesus in word and song. Some of their little observations were very interesting. Many thanks to Nancy Cox for filming these kids.

Congratulations to Sheri Bingham and Bill Stegelmeier from Dayton on their marriage Dec. 20 in the Logan LDS Temple. Proud parents are Lynn and Diane Bingham and Bryan and Judy Stegelmeier.

I want to comment on how much I LOVE living in this area. We have been thoroughly entertained this Christmas season by the awesome Rotary Choir Christmas concert on Sunday, Dec. 11; the choir, band, and guitar concert at West Side on Thursday, Dec. 15; the festive lights on State Street in Preston; and we’re not done yet!

Don’t forget to attend the Messiah Sing-Along sponsored by the Preston Chamber Orchestra on Thursday, Dec. 22, at 7:30 p.m. in the Worm Creek Opera House. Tickets are $3 at the door or $1 if pre-purchased at Stokes or the Preston Citizen. Vocal scores will be available for use for singing or you can bring your own. Wayne and I have attended this the last couple of years and it was very enjoyable!

One last reminder about Dru Westover’s open house to see her 47 Nativity Scenes. This will be held tonight on Dec. 21, and Thursday, Dec. 22, from 5-8 p.m. at 6079 No. Westside Hwy. in Clifton.

It is time for my final Christmas countdown for this year…. four days!!! If you haven’t started shopping may I suggest you plead a major senior moment or try to convince the kids that Santa didn’t get his flu shot; hence, he is home really sick! Good luck. I remember one night at our house the tooth fairy “had the night off,” and the kids bought it!!!

Mine and Wayne’s wish for all of you is to have a great and safe Christmas! Early deadline next week so I need your news by Wednesday morning, Dec. 28.





Music is in the air, particularly seasonal music. The women’s choral group Mountain Aire, directed by Jennifer Seamons, has been performing at various venues around the county and in our local LDS Ward. This might be called community service for the season. They will be going caroling to homes in the area.

There was quite a goodly number of Mink Creek residents involved in the Rotary Choir concert. We are happy to claim Anna Beth Olson, one of the co-directors. Mink Creek teens are active in the musical programs of Preston High School, both instrumental and vocal, in orchestra, band and choirs. At this time of year all are busy as the music brings out the true spirit of the season.

The Cub Scout boys with families and leaders enjoyed a December pack meeting. It was based on the theme of respect. They played three different games and awards were presented to the young men. The Bear group provided rice krispie treats and each family went home with a plate of Christmas goodies. The Cubmaster is Dawnell Greene and she is very devoted to the cause.

Plans are in the making for lots of families here. Some will be traveling to celebrate Christmas with siblings or children some distance away. Others are planning for guests to arrive and spend the time in wintry Mink Creek.





The Weston Second Ward had its Christmas party Tuesday, Dec. 13. Santa came to see the children first and then there was a wonderful roast beef dinner and a beautiful program. The Senior Primary sang “Oh Christmas Tree” and played the chimes; Saige Fredrickson sang a solo; Tyler White and Daniel Hornberger sang a duet and Alexa White sang a solo. The program was narrated by Stephanie Buttars. The Sunday School organization was in charge of the meal and Vera Campbell was over the program and also helped Debbie Campbell with the decorations. Everyone enjoyed the evening.

The Dayton Community Feliz Navidad/Christmas Party was held last Tuesday night. The Spanish Branch was invited and provided part of the food and the entertainment for the evening. A large crowd attended and had a wonderful time. The food was delicious and the decorations were the finishing touch. The evening ended with pinatas full of candy being broken by the children.

I was tending my two-and-a-half-year-old grandson, Erron, last week when he took three bulbs off the Christmas tree and threw two of them on the floor, breaking them. I cleaned up the glass while doing a little cussing and about seven hours later, he took another bulb off the tree. I said, “Don’t you dare break that.” And he said, “I’ll just break one, ‘kay?” as he threw it on the floor breaking it. As a result, my hand came in contact with his “patooty.”

Please e-mail your news to bevyhart@hotmail.com, facebook to Beverly Robinson Hart or call 435-232-5919.

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