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Share-a-Meal offers free turkey dinner at First Presbyterian Church, Nov. 23 | Preston Citizen

Share-a-Meal offers free turkey dinner at First Presbyterian Church, Nov. 23

November 15, 2011


Citizen editor

Steve Aust and Brenda Hover, the Share a Meal folks in Preston, are preparing for their fifth annual free Thanksgiving Dinner for community members. The dinner will be held at the First Presbyterian church on Nov. 23, from 6-7:30 p.m.

Last year an estimated 90 people showed up to have a meal and talk with friends. They cooked about five turkeys last year and this year they are expecting more to show for the fun, food, and friends.

The menu will include a traditional turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, vegetables, hot rolls and, of course, pumpkin pie.

Steve’s Aust’s wife, Karen, began the tradition before her death a few years ago and it has continued to grow.

There will be no Share-a-Meal in December, but it will continue in January.

For more information, contact Steve Aust at 852-3611 or Brenda Hover at the Preston Community Food Pantry, 852-2769.

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One Response to Share-a-Meal offers free turkey dinner at First Presbyterian Church, Nov. 23

  1. jeani buchanan on December 14, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Hi – I am very anxious to get in touch with Steve Aust. Many messages have been left and no one hears back from him. This is regarding a horse that he used to own. He sold it to the Davis Ranch in Utah sometime after his wife passed away, a horse broker from here in Southern California bought her from Davis Ranch, and I bought her from the broker.

    The trouble is Steve did not sign her American Quarter Horse Assoc registration papers over to Clint Davis. I cannot get those papers and her registration unless Steve’s signs them over. The price I paid for “Fancy” was based on her papers, and after 10 months, I do not have them!!

    Clint has left several messages at 208 852-3611. Today I emailed and faxed him at USU, but they say he does not come in there any more. Someone said to Clint or his brother Zane that Steve is out fishing a lot.

    The Davis’s seem to really be trying to help me with this problem of mine, and are considering driving from UT over to Cub River one of these weekends. I’d hate for them to drive all that way if Steve is off fishing in warmer climes, or visiting relatives during the holidays, etc….. From your article, it appears Steve was around a few weeks ago… Could someone PLEASE HELP ME??? I do not have Steve’s address. But if he’s not returning calls, maybe he doesn’t get his mail either????… DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS????? PLEASE help me! THANKS

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