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Woman attacked by buck while jogging | Preston Citizen

Woman attacked by buck while jogging

October 4, 2011


Citizen editor

Monday morning, Michael Vaughan and his daughter Alexis, 17, talk with Sue Panter about trying to get the deer off of her in this corn field last Friday morning. A three-point attacked Panter as she was jogging west of Little Mountain, north of Franklin leaving her with bruises and puncture wounds.

A Whitney woman, and a man who tried to rescue her, were treated and released from Franklin County Medical Center after being mauled and gored by a three-point buck mule deer, east of Little Mountain on Friday around 8 a.m.

Sue Panter was jogging along 1600 East for her usual daily exercise when she saw two deer jump out of a cornfield and cross the road about 100 yards in front of her.

“One of them, a buck, walked out and began to walk towards me when it got to the edge of the field. I thought, ‘Why is the deer walking towards me?’ I expected it to run off,” Panter said.

When she got up to the deer, it began to walk alongside her.

“I was on one side of the road, it was on the other. I knew I was going to get attacked. I was hoping someone would drive by, but no one did,” she said.

Panter stooped down and grabbed a handful of gravel from the road and threw it at the animal, but it didn’t run off. Then she was hoping to get behind a telephone pole or climb up a sprinkler pivot for protection when the deer began to cross the road towards her.  (See the full story in The Preston Citizen.)

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