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IDFG wants input on hunt change | Preston Citizen

IDFG wants input on hunt change

August 1, 2014

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game wants to hear from the public about a proposed rule change to allow the Fish and Game Commission to designate specific unlimited controlled hunts as “first-choice only” during the controlled hunt application process.

Fish and Game has used unlimited controlled hunts to provide special hunting opportunities without restricting the number of hunters. This hunt framework is more restrictive than a general season hunt, but less restrictive than a controlled hunt with a limited number of tags, according to IDFG officials.


However, some unlimited controlled hunts end up having a higher-than-desirable number of hunters, caused when too many hunters select these hunts as a second choice in case they do not draw their first choice hunt, officials said.

Under the proposed change, the Fish and Game Commission could specify specific unlimited controlled hunts as “first-choice only” during the season-setting process. This is expected to result in fewer applicants for the specified hunts, so the “unlimited” number of tags could be maintained. Any hunter who selected that hunt as their first choice would be assured of drawing a tag.

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