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Mosquito numbers decreased | Preston Citizen

Mosquito numbers decreased

June 4, 2014


Assistant editor

Mosquito abatement efforts so far this spring in Franklin County have resulted in significant reductions of the biting pests. There’s been lots of success in Banida and other areas, typically known for high infestations of the bothersome insect.

Dennie Giles, of the county’s mosquito abatement district, said there are many sloughs and standing water in areas from Banida-to-Weston that are ideal for mosquito breeding.


“We are hoping mosquito numbers will be down later this spring, summer and fall,” said Giles, “even with the moisture we’ve had in March, April and May.”

He said crews started applying larvacide in many areas the first part of April.

“Larvacide is by far the most effective control method for mosquitos that we have. It kills more of the insects than anything else we do,” he said. “We have become acquainted with areas in the county where there’s standing water that’s ideal for breeding populations of mosquitos.”

Larvacide is a pre-emergent chemical that kills mosquitos in the water before they emerge as adults. Adulticide, or fogging adult insects in targeted areas, has also been employed as a control measure across Franklin County.

Giles said he and part-time employees placed live traps in various locations some days ago.

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