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Police urge motorists, bicyclists to learn about right-of-way law | Preston Citizen

Police urge motorists, bicyclists to learn about right-of-way law

May 17, 2014

Confusion about traffic laws regarding bicyclists and motorists may lead to serious injury and death.

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Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) statistics show one Idaho bicyclist was injured or killed every 27 hours during 2013, which is nearly one per day.

May is Bicycle Safety Month in Idaho.

Most Idaho bicyclists know the Gem State has a unique law that allows them to proceed through red lights, unlike motorists who must wait for a green light before proceeding.

Bicycle enthusiasts in other states envy this law, where it is sometime referred to as the “Idaho Stop Law.”

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“Idaho Code 49-720 requires bicyclists to treat red lights as stop signs, and stop signs as yields,” said Officer Kyle Wills from Boise Police Department.

“This is sometimes difficult for both bicyclists and drivers to put into practice.”

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