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Standoff ends peacefully | Preston Citizen

Standoff ends peacefully

January 10, 2014


A suspect with a bench warrant against him was taken into custody by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday afternoon about 4 p.m. without incident after barricading himself in a Franklin City house.

On Thursday the Franklin County Court issued an arrest warrant for Raymond Barnhill for contempt of court in connection with a burglary charge, according to Franklin County Sheriff’s office officials.

“Franklin County received information that Barnhill was at a residence in Franklin City at 215 Parkinson Road and had threatened to harm himself and his ex- wife,” said Chief Deputy Karen Hatch.

“The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office responded with assistance from the Preston Police Department. Preston Police brought their armored MRAP vehicle and a police negotiator.  Barnhill was ultimately taken into custody without incident and transported to the Franklin County Medical Center where he was admitted for medical reasons,” she said.

Hatch said the department’s response with the armored vehicle was to protect deputies and officers while going into a dangerous and unknown situation in order to help people with a crisis.

“Our end goal was and is to handle emergency situations in a manner as safe as possible for all involved. Yesterday’s incident is a good example of how our training and resources help to ensure the best outcome.”

When the sheriff’s deputy showed up at the residence to serve the warrant, the suspect barricaded himself in the house and made threats against himself, said department officials.

During the early portion of the incident dispatchers had reported shots fired during the standoff, but no shots were fired, according to Franklin County Sheriff Dave Fryar.

“Luckily no one got hurt,” said Fryar. “We were already in a training exercise training. This was good training.”

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3 Responses to Standoff ends peacefully

  1. Concerned Citizen on January 10, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Responded with an MRAP tank like thing? Why does Preston police need a tank?? No small town needs a tank and the people of Preston should not be subjected to one. Those responsible for militarizing our Preston city police should be fired. A tank roaming the streets of small town America is not what this Country is about. Its absurd and a waste of taxpayers money.

  2. unknown on January 17, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    What a waste of money. All for the Deputies to feel special! Glad they get to make a big deal over nothing!!

  3. tax payer on January 17, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Let me quess…… Deputy Jensen and Deputy Hatch in the the armored vehicle???

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