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Changes made in LDS stakes | Preston Citizen

Changes made in LDS stakes

January 7, 2014


Citizen editor

Major realignments of the Preston South and Franklin LDS Stakes were announced in meetings on Sunday.

The Whitney Second Ward was moved from the Franklin Stake to the Preston South Stake and joined with the Preston Second Ward. Bishop Mark Beckstead and his counselors were released. The change sent 297 members of the Franklin Stake to the South Stake.


“The reason for the change was the North Stake and the Franklin Stake had quite a few more members than the South Stake,” Layne Peterson, president of the Franklin Stake, said. “We will have new bishopric for the Preston First Ward next week.”

Bishop James O. Summers was the bishop of the Whitney Second Ward and is now the bishop of the Preston Second Ward. The change sent members of his congregation to another ward and he picked up new members.

“It’s the Lord’s church,” Summers said.

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