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Area eagles appear healthy | Preston Citizen

Area eagles appear healthy

January 8, 2014


Assistant editor

There have been no reports of sick or dead bald eagles in Franklin County or southeastern Idaho in recent weeks.

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials contacted by The Citizen said the department has not received any information regarding sick or dead eagles in the area, “where we could not identify the source of mortality.”

Martha Wackenhut, IDFG regional wildlife manager based in Pocatello, said the department is aware of the situation in northern and central Utah.

“We will collect eagles or other raptors for testing should we get reports of dead or sick birds,” she said. “If anyone is aware of dead or sick raptors they should contact our office immediately at 208-232-4703.”

A lone eagle soars near the Bear River in Franklin County.

A lone eagle soars near the Bear River in Franklin County.

Wackenhut’s comments were echoed by local IDFG field officer Korey Owens. He said there are several bald eagles wintering in Franklin County in the Bear River bottoms area and in the Bear River Narrows.

“I have not seen any sick birds, nor heard of anyone discussing sick or dead raptors in the county,” he said.

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