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Semi parking given the ok | Preston Citizen

Semi parking given the ok

December 25, 2013


Assistant editor

A location in Preston has been earmarked for overnight parking for semi tractor-trailers.

Franklin County Commissioners have been discussing for several weeks a possibility of opening a location to accommodate the big rigs. Commissioner Scott Workman said there is currently no place in Preston City for semi trucks and other large vehicles to park overnight.

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The location that has been selected is just north of Franklin County Fairground buildings. Access to this parcel is off 300 N. State Street at approximately 300 West, according to Workman.

“The county already keeps a portion of this parking area open during winter months to facilitate patrons who use an indoor horse arena. Our road department supervisor Troy Moser has agreed to keep the area free from snow. It will accommodate up to 10 trucks at a time,” he said. “It is now open.”

Preston has an ordinance to help with snow removal that prohibits parking any type of vehicle or trailer overnight on city streets during the winter. And the commission recently passed an ordinance that prohibits overnight parking of any vehicle in a county/ merchant parking lot west of the courthouse.

Workman said the county ordinance is a year-round ban on overnight parking. “The main reason we passed our ordinance was to facilitate snow removal during winter months. But it will be in effect all year long,” he said.

“We wanted to help truckers and others with large vehicles to find a spot they could park overnight in a centralized location. We are considering installing a coin-operated outlet system in the future that would give these truckers the option for electricity.

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One Response to Semi parking given the ok

  1. Steven Stocks on January 25, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Sorry, That I was not informed about trucks being able to park at the Rodeo grounds sooner. Looks like someone was trying to sneak something through and did. We are probably the only ones that will complain about Workmans decision to let big rigs park in the fair grounds. If I remember right, there was a battle about the trucks parking in town and how the neighbors complained about the noise they had to put up with. There has only been a couple of trucks using the fairgrounds so far and they do emit a lot of noise, with there comings and going and worst of all leaving their generators running all night. Scott I would really like to see how you would handle this situation if your bedroom was within 100 feet of a idling diesel motor that ran all night, with no recourse available. I would like to remind everyone that even though, it might be called the Franklin county fairground, it’s still in the Preston city limits.
    Steven Stocks

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