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Preston City Council

November 20, 2013


Assistant editor

Wine by the drink will continue to be allowed in Preston after no action was taken Monday evening by the city council.

Franklin County Commissioners last month approved a table wine by the drink ordinance. It allows restaurants that serve food to offer their patrons a glass of wine with a meal.


Preston resident Warren Gleason placed the item on the city agenda and was given an opportunity to speak. He presented city officials a petition with 26 names, “to oppose, reject and refuse to adopt, accept or allow within Preston the operation, sale or use of… a Franklin County Ordinance which allows the sale of table wine by the drink…”

Gleason told the council within the Preston City limits it has control of any county ordinance and can reject this one.

The council allowed Steve Bergquist, co-owner of The Owl Club in Preston, to address them. He said he would like to see the council go along with the county’s recently approved ordinance.

“This ordinance, allowing wine by the drink in restaurants, actually provides a more controlled environment for consumption, compared to the purchase of alcoholic beverages (wine) from convenience and other stores for off-premise consumption,” he said. “Wine is allowed to be sold in these stores.

“Adopting an ordinance prohibiting the sale of wine by the drink in Preston would take money out of our pockets,” he said.

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