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Trish Checketts has had a positive affect on FCMC | Preston Citizen

Trish Checketts has had a positive affect on FCMC

September 6, 2013


Trish Checketts is looking forward to the end of 2013 with mixed feelings.

After working 10 years as the grant writer, among other duties at Franklin County Medical Center, she is looking to retire from there, after a career of more than 30 years working in the Franklin County community.


In the meantime, though, Checketts is still hard at it, preparing to train her replacement, Stephanie Strong, over the coming months while still continuing to seek funding to further programs at FCMC, including both the hospital and nursing home.

“When this job opened at the hospital, I got it. I haven’t regretted it. It has been a fantastic place to work,” she said. “I live three blocks from the hospital. I could walk to work if I had to. It has been a good job to end my career on.

Trish Checketts

Trish Checketts

“It has been extremely rewarding,” Checketts said of the job. “The hospital has been inundated with change in the medical field. No one is changing as much as the medical field. It changes so fast it about takes your breath away.”

The advent of “Obamacare” is coming so fast. Clinical people especially are struggling to get a handle on all that entails, she said. “It has been rewarding to find a grant to have computer systems to support what they’re doing, to support the changes we have to make.”

A bit more than $2 million in computerized medical systems in the hospital and clinic combined have been made, most of the money for it is coming from grants, Checketts said. Grants have ranged in size from $7,000 to $830,000, but they’re all sought and procured, “a piece at a time. We had to push until we got there. It has been really rewarding to provide things for our facility. They lead to better care.”

The $750,000 USDA loan was another major effort in which Checketts was involved, and one that hospital patients and visitors will easily notice as construction continues. It ranges from an addition to the front of the hospital, labor and delivery, nurses’ station, and a computerized record system, which has driven much of the grant-seeking effort.

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