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Back-to-school: Agencies issue safety tips | Preston Citizen

Back-to-school: Agencies issue safety tips

August 20, 2013


Assistant editor

Several agencies have issued the following back-to-school tips for students, parents, motorists and bus riders.


• Always walk or ride to school with a friend.

• Stay with a group and don’t be a loner. Have a good, close friend.

• Pay attention to all traffic signals and crossing guards.

• Don’t talk to strangers.

• Cross only at crosswalks and never run into streets from between parked cars.

• Look both directions and keep checking as you cross streets.

• Don’t leave your backpack or book bag where someone could go through it.

• Keep names off visible areas of clothing or books and bags.

• Make sure drivers see you by making eye contact with them.

• If riding a bike to school, always wear a helmet and walk your bike across the streets.

• Walk or ride as far to the right side of the road as possible and with traffic.

• Wear light or reflective clothing, particularly in the mornings.

• Leave in plenty of time, using the least busy route.

• Always walk on the sidewalks when available.

• Report suspicious people and activities to authorities.


• Monitor your child on the internet and be cautious of identity concerns.

• Don’t allow students to take valuables to school.

• Know where your students need to go and leave in plenty of time.

• Pay attention to driving and avoid being distracted by kids in the car.

• Slow while driving in school zones and obey speed limits.

• Wait for children crossing streets, not only in your lane, but all lanes.

• Never pass a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk.

• Use extra caution in congested areas and always watch out for bicyclists.


• Do not play in the street while waiting for the bus.

• Know bus schedules and routes.

• Line up facing the bus, not along side of it.

• After getting off a bus, move out of traffic and onto the sidewalk.

• Wait for the bus driver to signal you to cross the street and walk away from the bus, so you can be seen.

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