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WS parking lot done | Preston Citizen

WS parking lot done

July 25, 2013


Assistant editor

DAYTON – When students and teachers return to school at the Harold B. Lee Elementary School next month they will find a new, cement parking lot.

This summer almost a thousand yards of concrete were poured and finished by Jeff Phillips, head of the maintenance department, and his crew.


“Phillips and Travis Porter, Casey Fredrickson and Tim Hill worked tirelessly to pour the cement in six weeks. The heat didn’t even slow them down,” Superintendent Spencer Barzee said.

Early last spring the district explored the option of paving the parking lot, Barzee said.

“We received bids from four companies in the region, but in the end decided to cement the entire parking area with our own employees. The bottom line was the cost,” he said.

“It saved the district around $60,000 to cement it instead of laying down pavement.”

“The savings were partially due to in-house labor. We did not contract the project out. Also contributing to the savings was significantly less excavation. We simply did not have to export and import material because cement serves, somewhat, as its own base.”

West Side maintenance director Jeff Phillips works on a cement pour last week at the Harold B. Lee parking lot.

West Side maintenance director Jeff Phillips works on a cement pour last week at the Harold B. Lee parking lot.

Barzee said another factor was maintenance. Every three-to-five years pavement needs to be resealed, which is costly. You don’t have to reseal cement like you do pavement, he said.

“Another factor was the slope from the school, going south towards the highway.

“We just didn’t have enough downward slope for pavement going away from the existing elementary building,” Barzee said.

“If you have a two percent slope, pavement will last much longer and cement does not require this.

“Additionally, cement is a better product than pavement. There is no question about it. The right idea was to pour cement,” Barzee said.

Barzee said school officials will give the cement a couple more weeks to cure.

“After this time frame is up, we will sweep the lot and then paint the parking stalls. It should be open to vehicles around Aug. 12,” he said.

This story is sponsored by FCMC: Big Brothers, Big Sisters Party.

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