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Tension high at WSSD meeting | Preston Citizen

Tension high at WSSD meeting

July 23, 2013

Franklin County High School relocation causes stir 


Citizen intern

Concerns were expressed at the West Side School District meeting on Wednesday, July 17, as the school board listened to public input about Franklin County High School’s current predicament.

“The West Side School District will temporarily house the Franklin County High School for the 2013-2014 school year only,” West Side Superintendent Spencer Barzee said. FCHS will reside on the top floor of the Harold B. Lee complex, completely separated from the elementary students and with constant supervision, Barzee said.

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Preston School District Chairman Fred Titensor approached West Side School District in an attempt to offer thanks for letting FCHS take place at the junior high last year and ask mercy for this upcoming school year.

“My purpose for coming to this meeting was to become aware of some of the concerns of your patrons,” Titensor said to the school board. “We certainly did not want to be negligent and we certainly did not want to come to you, as a school board, and say, ‘We have this burden that we are handing it off to you,’” Titensor said.

FCHS was left without a home after the armory informed Preston School District that the school could not come back after remodeling.

“The armory was very plain with us that we would be invited back, so, frankly, we did not make any alternative plans,” Titensor said.

Preston School District has been searching for a long-term facility for FCHS, but has yet to solidify any final plans.

“We are looking at several long-term solutions, such as land acquisition,” Titensor said. “If we can get into an existing building, that would certainly expedite our timetable.”

Short-term solutions are also hard to find, according to Titensor.

“To be able to move into a building for student housing is much harder than just finding a metal building because of the different regulations, such as fire control,” Titensor said. “We are frankly at [West Side School District’s] mercy.”

The meeting resulted in a few tears, an outburst and frustration over the issue.

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One Response to Tension high at WSSD meeting

  1. Denise Ek on July 23, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Barzee should be fired!!! Constant supervision, like the FCHS kids are trouble or something, he’s trouble and tries to start a lot of it if you ask me!! I can’t believe he is in a position to make such important decisions about our children’s education!! FCHS kids and the standards of the school are incredible, rules are tight and the kids try hard, succeed and learn more!! He can’t seem to separate religion from state and do an honest job which sometimes calls for compassion! He loves to pick on certain kids and label them as well.

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