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More PSD employees announce retirement | Preston Citizen

More PSD employees announce retirement

May 23, 2013


Preston School District

Preston School District is announcing three more employees who are retiring at the end of the 2012-13 school year. They are Germaine Roberts, Elaine Womack and Lynn Womack. They were honored at a retirement reception on Monday, May 20.

Germaine Roberts has been with the district for 16 years as a para-educator. She has worked closely with our speech language pathology department and has been invaluable.

“Germaine has been a dependable and energetic advocate for special education students throughout her whole career,” commented Mr. Costley regarding her retirement.


Elaine Womack started teaching kindergarten when it was at Oakwood Elementary and then moved to Pioneer Elementary. She has been with the district for 30 years. “She will be greatly missed,” said Wynn Costley. “She has been a phenomenal teacher who has given our students the best start they could have.” Long time fellow teacher Judy Lucia said, “she is very dedicated and hardworking. Elaine understands the importance of giving kindergarten students a strong foundation for their education.”

Lynn Womack has been with Preston School District for 28 years and taught for two years out-of-state before that.

He has taught history, government and been the executive council advisor for the last 14 years and probably attended more high school dances than anyone currently at the school. He is a PHS graduate and has taught over 5,000 students and mentored more than 20 student teachers.

Five current PHS teachers are among his former students. Mr. Womack said, “I have loved teaching and loved the students.”

Preston School District wishes to thank all those retiring for their dedicated service and hard work, which totals an amazing 241

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