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Police offer bicycle safety tips | Preston Citizen

Police offer bicycle safety tips

May 18, 2013


Preston Police Chief

Bicycling is great way to enjoy our community. It is a great way for people of all ages to get the benefits of exercise. Traffic is managed to increase the safety of our streets for all users from the smallest bike rider to the largest truck. Traffic signs, lights lines, rules regulations, road maintenance, enforcement and public compliance makes it more safe for everyone to travel about our city and county.

There are many bicycle events planned that will pass through our area during the coming summer. The LOTOJA, the Logan-to-Lava, Little Red Riding Hood for charity, Friends of the Academy, scout groups, fitness groups and individual riders. There may be thousands of riders on our streets before the next snow changes our activities. The Preston Police Department would like to share some safety tips to help motorists and cyclists share our roads without harm or risk.

For the bicycle rider:

• Wear a helmet that fits

• Ride on the right side of the road

• Wear bright and reflective clothing so you can be seen

• Use hand signals for right and left turns and for stopping

• Obey traffic laws

• Check your breaks and tires before riding

• Choose a safe route.

• Yield to pedestrians.

• Slow down or safely stop before entering an intersection

• Ride as close to the right hand curb as possible or edge of the road as safety allows except when turning left or avoiding obstacles

• Use both lights and reflectors at night


For the motorists

• Bicycles are vehicles, they belong on the road

• Never look left when turning right, a cyclist or pedestrian may be approaching from a sidewalk or bike lane

• Bicyclists can legally ride on sidewalks, but there are no legal requirements to use them. Young children usually ride on sidewalks, be cautious pulling in or out of driveways.

• Children on bikes often change direction unexpectedly, pass with extra caution and distance.

• Expect bicyclists, their position on the road, smaller size and slower speed requires drivers to consciously look for them.

• In narrow lanes it is not safe to share the lane with a bicyclist. Bicyclists are often trained to ride three feet from the edge of the road to allow them space when passing and even more at high speeds. Be patient, some roads require the bicyclist to occupy the lane riding in the center of the lane. Don’t tailgate a bicyclist. Change lanes to pass a bicyclist on narrow roads.

• Bicyclists are not required to come to a complete stop at stop signs but must yield to traffic in the intersection.

Please do your part to keep all modes of travel safe efficient and pleasant by following these guidelines on our roadways.

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