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Hybrid schedule not a done deal | Preston Citizen

Hybrid schedule not a done deal

May 3, 2013


Citizen editor

The Preston School Board has not closed the book on its proposed hybrid schedule at the high school.

After the walk out at Preston High School and the presentation at last month’s board meeting by students Catlin Elgan and Olivia Seamons, the trustees decided to open up the discussions on the schedule again.

The trustees are putting three schedules up for discussion. On the table are: the existing A-B block, hybrid or seven periods a day..

“We are reaching out to patrons to tell us which one they prefer,” Preston School Superintendent Joel Wilson said. “The board will make a decision in the next board meeting on May 15.”


Board chair Fred Titensor said earlier the board had put a fair amount of study into the hybrid schedule and followed a Washington State school district’s lead.

They thought they had found something that would benefit the students of the high school.

“I think it would be hard to find a schedule that would fit every individual. It is the duty of the board to look at the general student population and do what is best for them as whole,” Titensor said.

The Spanish immersion program is off to a good start, Wilson said They are seeing some real interest in the program from families.

“We surveyed parents and had 51 parents who would like to see their children in the dual immersion program this year.

“We had 51 people sign up and we need 25 in each class,” Titensor said.

“We are going to start it this fall. We had three parent meetings to discuss this Spanish immersion program and directed the meetings to people with children that would be affected by it.”

This is a pilot program and is similar to what is being done in Cache County.

The board also discussed the impact and changes caused by the past legislative session and how they would affect the district.

The position of principal of the junior high will close by the end of April and should be announced mid May.

Nucor has awarded $2,661 to the district for educational programs, according to Wilson.

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