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Musicians to showcase talent | Preston Citizen

Musicians to showcase talent

April 19, 2013

“100 Years of Talent” brings in the county’s top performers



Citizen editor

Christine Rawlings was asked by Shawna Geddes, Franklin county clerk, to assemble some performers for a talent show, “100 years of Talent,” as part of Franklin County’s Centennial celebration.

Rawlings got together with Kori Rawlings and the two set out to rally some of the best talent in the county to perform at West Side’s Dahle Performing Arts Center stage on Friday, April 26, at 7 p.m. They also put Kelly Schofield in charge of publicity, Bonnie Hatch to take care of stage design, Ty Rawlings to take on the programs and Pete Bennett to be the emcee.


“Pete is somewhat new to our community, but he is sure to do a great job and keep the evening fun and exciting. He has his hands full in many ways, but has been kind enough to accept pulling the script together and emcee the evening,” Christine said.

The youngest participant is 10 year-old Savannah Priestley. She will sing a vocal solo. A trio of Sherry Cromwell, Janeen Krambule and Janel Boehme will perform. The Hemsley Family, with Channing, Brett Ward, Sawyer and Laken, will perform a Bluegrass melody. Paige Christensen will play a harp solo and a group, “The Hershey Kisses” with Kelly Ballif, Roxane Beutler, Janis Buttars, Katie Mumford, Lisa Sears and Corliss Whitehead will do at least one number.

Paige Christensen will play a harp solo during a “100 Years of Talent” show.

Paige Christensen will play a harp solo during a “100 Years of Talent” show.

Preston High School’s Men’s Quintet, with Cory and Collin Swainston, Tate Bradfield, Kaden Larson and Kevin Payne, will perform as will the PHS Ballroom team, directed by Alexis Beckstead. Her group consists of Jose Rengifo, Haylee Hatch, Owen Sparks, Kelcie Hooton, Kayden Porter, Sara Smith, Kacy Woodward, Mauri Colby, James Baird and Nicole Beardall.

Dixon Bowles and Hailey Griffeth will each play a piano solo and the Happy Hands, a group with members Kaitie Sleight, Lizzy Wallentine, Heidi Wallentine, Malary Reed, Cashlynn Calvert, Alicia Lerwell and Amanda Bodily will also perform.

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