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District plans to shell in building | Preston Citizen

District plans to shell in building

March 13, 2013


Assistant editor

Preston School Superintendent Joel Wilson informed the city council Monday the district plans to shell in an addition to the Preston High School gymnasium this summer.

In 2010 the district was in the planning phases of the new high school gymnasium project, which has since been completed. This new project will extend that building to the east and be placed on a foundation that was poured at the time the gym was constructed.


Wilson said the addition will eventually house a community recreation facility. Preliminary plans outlined in 2010 included two racquetball courts, public lockers, two multi-purpose rooms, an office and storage area.

“At the present time, we have no plans to do anything except shell in the facility. We are doing that before the existing foundation begins to deteriorate. We have no funds at this point to do anything with the interior,” he said.

“We plan to move a maintenance shed from the area to accommodate the construction.”

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Proposals for a remediation plan to help alleviate seasonal flooding in the northeast section of Preston were discussed again by the council. City engineer Derek Kimball was instructed to review them in greater detail, according to Mayor F. Lee Hendrickson.

Derrick Sharp, of Whisper Mountain in Pocatello, has been working with the city for almost two years to help with design and implementation of a long-term plan to divert runoff in this area of the community and presented two plans to officials last month.

In December 2010, rain and melting snow from agriculture lands to the north of a Greenpointe Estates subdivision near the golf course resulted in water ponding around three homes at the south end of the development, adjacent to Highway 34. Storm-water problems occurred again on several occasions during the spring of 2011.

The runoff in the general area used to be collected and funneled away by a series of irrigation canals. However, in the summer of 2010 plastic irrigation pipe was installed as part of a gravity-feed system and the canals were abandoned and most of them filled.

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