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Concealed weapons permits jump | Preston Citizen

Concealed weapons permits jump

February 6, 2013


Citizen editor

Last week The Citizen reported on the county’s increase in gun and ammo sales. Concealed weapons permits are increasing as well.

Franklin County and the State of Idaho as a whole are seeing a swell of concealed-weapon permit applications. It was reported school districts in Utah were offered courses in concealed weapons by a shooting club and 200 teachers showed up.

Officials at the Franklin County Sheriff ‘s office reported in 2010 they issued 53 Concealed Weapons Permits (CWPs). In 2011 they issued 65 CWPs and in 2012, the number jumped to 143. Last month, alone, the sheriff’s office reported 75 CWPs have been processed.

Shane Sessions retired from USU as a police officer. He has had over 20 years experience shooting firearms.

Franklin County Sheriff Dave Fryar said when people come to him for permits he can only ask candidates the questions permitted by law.

“In Utah, those who want to carry concealed weapons have to take a class. But that is not the case in Idaho,” Fryar said. “When you go to Utah, your Idaho concealed weapons permit will not be valid.”

That same permit, not acceptable in Utah, is valid in other states.

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One Response to Concealed weapons permits jump

  1. Shane Daniels on February 6, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    You need to check your facts. Idaho Concealed Carry Permits are valid in Utah, according to Utah BCI.

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