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    The 17th Annual West Side Fine Arts Competition was held on April 14. There were 10 musical contestants and 55 art contestants. Emceed by Lucas and Katie Mumford, the event featured a guest performance of last year’s instrumental winner, Alexis Westover. First place winners received a pl…

    Last month, the Whitney LDS Ward received a new bishopric. They are (left to right) Clint Jensen, executive secretary; Brad Bateman, ward clerk; Steven Kittleson, financial clerk; David Seamons, membership clerk.

    The FCMC Auxiliary purchased a proofer oven for Amy Esplin to bake with in the kitchen. The total purchase price was $2,050. This was needed in the kitchen to help Esplin, who bakes all the cinnamon rolls, sweet breads, and cookies that FCMC sells in the Simply Gifts gift shop and gives …

    The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is seeking public comment on a proposed air quality permit to construct (PTC) for Trails West Manufacturing of Idaho, Preston.

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    Brian and Daphne Jensen of Preston, Idaho, are excited to announce the marriage of their daughter, Madison, to Tanner, son of Kevin and Sherrie Anderson of Garland, Utah, on Saturday, May 7, 2016.